samedi 31 août 2013

The week in Ig


Back from vacation in Tohoku, been busy digging records all over Tokyo.

From 78rpm:

To Blue Note imports or Japanese pressings:

Some Prestige originals here and there:

Various others:

And the week went by....

2 commentaires:

iko84 a dit…

Long time no seeeee!! :D

So you spent sometimes in Tohoku. I really want to get there since some of my relatives live in Sendai.

Ah, your cat's sleeping! My dog sleeps with exactly the same shape. Given the fact that I've annoyed insomnia over a decade, my dog really enjoys her freedom :)

Chalet De l'Arete a dit…

Hello! 久しぶりだね!もうブログちょっと諦めました!仕事超忙しくなりましたし!動物達面白いねたまらない!東北凄く良かった!自然は素晴らしい!ではまた!


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