samedi 14 décembre 2013

Time slip into Showa

Which one shall I spin today....

Let's start with Pedro&Capricious and their first Lp in 1972: Maeno Yoko really knows how to swing it...

Let's continue with Pedro&Capricious and their second album in 1973: the afro keeps growing...and Maeno Yoko has been replaced by Takahashi Mariko as the lead singer.

Los Indios are less funky in their tuxedos but they have a few good numbers behind their bow-ties.

The happy six and Miura Hitoshi, the invisible man on the cover.

This is way too much emotion for me this week, sayonara, matane!

2 commentaires:

tibouchon a dit…

adorable le chat
passe une bonne semaine
j ai vité bisous

Chalet De l'Arete a dit…

Merci Bonne semaine!!!


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